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What is the Pointe?


written by Dr. Marilyn Whitney Peterson, a Meadowlark Pointe resident

Meadowlark Pointe, Cozad – a state-of-the-art independent/assisted living complex – salutes the 150th birthday of Nebraska, honoring the state bird, the Meadowlark.

But, what about the Pointe?

There is more than one “Point” to be made.

1. The Pointe is a site that is unique in its design. One views the cylindrical format, with pods that provide the setting for having a glass of wine, watching the Nebraska football game, playing a hand of bridge, enjoying a good book in the library, putting together a jig-saw puzzle, playing dominos, cheering for the pool player, Social Hour.

The pods are encircled by suites, each decorated with individual tastes.

2. The Pointe provides a menu of various choices, from the traditional Nebraska roast beef to homemade Lemon Meringue Pie to freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to the noted Cozad Ham Balls. Homemade pecan cinnamon rolls highlight a Sunday breakfast, and the freshly made donuts are a special treat. The Chefs are to be commended for the presentation, particularly for the family Thanksgiving dinner served to family and friends, to the birthday parties, complete with a freezer of homemade ice cream. Coffee Time features goodies.

3. The Pointe has a staff, providing services around the clock. The residents enjoy the inner-action with the Cozad High School students, who are working at the Pointe, to see the professional opportunities in the health care field.

4. A special point is noted related to cleaning with a dedication to detail, “passing the white gloves test.” Staff is busy polishing chairs, is seen on hands and knees dusting book shelves and knick-knacks. This is true, from the entrance that says “Welcome” to the Bakery that offers another cup of coffee.

5. At the Pointe, we enjoy the giggles of the little kids; the visitors, who bring a smile; the students, in their Prom attire; Santa, with treats to everyone; friendships.

So, what is the Pointe?

The Pointe is the place where I can spend the afternoon listening to beautiful music, enjoy reading a good book and savor a chocolate truffle.

What is the Pointe?

My Home.