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Meadowlark Pointe is locally owned and operated by Cozad Community Heath System.

  • Family Member
    Family Member

    "Both of our parents have been residents at MLP for over 4 years and live together in the assisted living pods. All of us have been thrilled with the option available for them to live together and to continue aging gracefully. They have the freedom to come and go as they like with the peace of mind they are well cared for and all needs are met.

    We encourage all families to thoughtfully consider how to ensure for their loved ones safety - before you have no choice. My family continues to be grateful for all that our parents experience and fully enjoy as residents at Meadlowlark Pointe.

    While it was not easy to leave the home they raised their family in, the peace of mind we all experience has proved to be worth the temporary feeling of doubt and anxiety we all experienced.

    We are blessed to have healthy aging parents to share in our lives and we continue to be grateful for the options MLP offers and provides."