Now more than ever, seniors are making their own decisions about their future rather than limiting their choices or leaving their decisions to someone else. Meadowlark Pointe is determined to set the standard as today's retirees are demanding a unique, active, and independent lifestyle. We offer this lifestyle.

Meadowlark Pointe offers residents a setting where they can experience independent or assisted living while enjoying surroundings that are:

  • Securely and conveniently within the city limits of Cozad, yet residents may enjoy the quiet country surroundings.
  • Architecturally exciting, yet designed as a place of comfort and community with many opportunities for social interaction.
  • A place where family and friends are always welcome...a lifestyle and a home!

Meadowlark Pointe is a one-of-a-kind facility with unique surroundings, thoughtful amenities, attention, and care. It is designed to provide residents a warm and gracious opportunity for positive aging.

This elegant facility is built on ground level for convenient access. Earth-toned colors highlight the exterior, surrounded by spacious patios and professional landscaping.

Inside, special lighting, inviting color schemes and eye-catching design features contribute to the beautiful surroundings in all of the suites and gathering areas. The 'pod' style suite clusters especially welcome friends and visitors into the comfortable environment.

While the surroundings alone may appeal to those ready to leave the responsibility of home ownership, it is ultimately Meadowlark Pointe's attention to detail making the difference. Security, peace of mind, and the variety of services we provide, allow our guests to check their worries at the door.










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